Our Youth

Youth of this generation need prayer in every way possible because we're in a time where the one who has risen is coming back and they need to stay firm in the gospel

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As leaders we need to understand and instill the bible in our daily lives. We need our youth, community, and friends to understand to attest to the will of God

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Evangelism isn't the same as it used to be and we have forgotten to word of God. WE HAVE GIVEN UP! Let's let the good news be heard for the kingdom of God.

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Elifaite Esperance

Servant of God

I am Elifaite Esperance and I am 26 years old. I was born in Dade City, Fl and have since stayed in Florida. I have been teaching and serving for over 6 years. The Holy Spirit has given me the strength to pursue God in higher dimensions. I want to spread the gospel everywhere I go in life. My goal is to help all those yearning for the presence of God. 

Next Steps...

Make a difference. Even a small action can make a great impact!