Our Youth

The youth is the next generation. We need to empower and build up the youth to be future leaders, because they look to us as examples in their spiritual lives. As spiritual adults, we are instructed to help the youth grow and to teach them the way of life. Right now, the youth are looking at actors and musicians; they are trying to imitate them, often because the youth believe these celebrities have money, and that the money equals power. There is more to life than the power (or fame) that celebrities try to portray. By us spiritual adults living transformed lives, the youth will see a reason to follow Christ. This is important, because we are in a time where the One who has risen is coming back and the youth need to stay firm in the gospel, and the youth of this generation need prayer in every way possible. We Must be a light for the youth and inspire them to be and do more in life than seek the fame, the power, that often destroys the lives of celebrities’ that have little to no faith in God.

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  1. Wow, this is so encouraging to see you step up and reach out. I want to support the best I can and I encourage you to keep on.

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